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And you thought beer pong couldn't get any better...

Posted by Stallings Wear Admin on

Here at Stallings Wear, we love beer pong. In fact, we even got a new table in the office and have weekly beer pong tournaments. (Don't worry, we don't get any on the clothes). Anyways, we typically like the game but there's definitely a few things we'd change about it if we could. 

Dirty beer pong cups. Images courtesy of www.slipcup.com

Well, lucky for us, there's a few brothers out there doing just that. Introduce the Slip Cup. The Slip Cup is a set of mini-cups that fit on top of plastic party cups to make the game safer, cleaner, and more fun. With the Slip Cup, you don't have to worry about ping pong balls making your beer dirty with bacteria that can be picked up off the ground or other used cups. Also, the Slip Cups have prongs inside that catch the ball and won't let them bounce out. And finally, it's Made in America. What more could you want?!

The Slip Cup. Images courtesy of www.slipcup.com

Sure, now, you can't claim victory if your opponent knocks one of your cups off the table, since the Slip Cup is center-weighted. Nor can you finger your way out of the cup. And you have to carry around the set of Slip Cups everywhere you go. Good thing is, they're pretty compact and lightweight. The pros clearly outweigh the cons here.

Overall, I'm a fan of the Slip Cup. Next time I'm playing beer pong, you can bet I'm having these bad boys around on the table to enhance our beer pong playing game. Only thing is, they've still got to fund this thing and get it off the ground. You can find their Kickstarter here. Or, watch their video below.


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